City Enclave, Shakthi Nagar, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575016


Kailkere Rukmini Shetty Memorial College of Nursing was started in the year 2005 by Dr. K. Basker Shetty, the founder of the “NANDAVAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST” in the name of his late mother Mrs.Rukmini Shetty

Kailkere Rukmini Shetty Memorial College of Nursing is located at City Enclave, Shakthinagar, Mangalore, Karnataka. The institution provides education and training to the novice BSc nursing students enriched with clinical experience, digitalized class rooms, well equipped laboratories for each specialty nursing subjects, well stocked library, hostel with food and accommodation within the campus, and the college and hostel is under CCTV surveillance 24X7.


  • To be a centre for excellence in education, research and service that enhances the health and well-being of the society.


  • Kailkere Rukmini Shetty Memorial College of Nursing is committed to provide quality Nursing Education and prepare graduates who will provide quality care to clients of all age groups in sickness & wellness in the hospital and community, with a holistic and humanistic approach and maintain a high standard of professional care at all times to meet the needs of the changing society through continuing education & contribution to professional growth

KRSMCON Philosophy

  • Nandavan Education Trust believes that the basis course of Nursing is a formal educational preparation which should be based on sound educational principles. It also recognizes the program as a foundation on which the practice of Nursing is built and on which depends further professional education. It also recognizes its responsibility in the society for the continued development of the students as individual, Nurse, Nurse Educators, Citizens.
  • It also believes that the basic course in Nursing should prepare for the first level nurse in Nursing both in hospital and community. It is that of option that a good understanding of basic scientific principles, principles of communication and learning are essential, as nursing is believed to be a profession influenced by scientific and technological advances. It reiterates the importance of clinical/ field work in establishing a sound nurse client relationship and believes that substantial portion of the students learning experience should be acquired in the clinical/field areas
  • It recognizes nursing as a practicing profession interdependent on allied professions and occupations promoting, restoring and maintaining health and in preventing diseases
  • It recognizes the necessity of developing a deep pride in the nursing profession among the students to enable further professional growth
  • It believes that nursing\g is a profession that is to be practiced and propagated irrespective of sex, religion, caste and creed.

Accreditation And Approvals

Kailkere Rukmini Shetty Memorial College Of Nursing is :

Affiliated to

  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.
  • Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi

Recognized by

  • Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi
  • Karnataka State Nursing Council, Karnataka

Sister Institutions

  • City Institute of Nursing, Mangalore. 1989
  • City college of Physiotherapy, Mangalore 1994.
  • City College of Nursing, Mangalore. 1999
  • City College of Medical Lab technicians, Mangalore .2004
  • City College of Imaging Technology, Mangalore. 2011
  • Heera International School, Mangalore. 2015

What makes Kailkere Rukmini Shetty Special and Unique

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